Stock-South Africa

Cape Town and surrounds
Cape Town City
Waterfront - boats, hotel, views of city, from top of Table Mountain.
City views from top of Table Mountain – Waterfront to Blouberg, city at night.
Views from Tafelberg road and Signal Hill.
Markets - curios and carvings for sale, offered for sale, antique market, craft market.
Music groups – marimba group, jazz group.
Cape Minstrels.
Bo Kaap.
Table Mountain - from Blouberg, Milnerton, views from top, sunset, Cableway.
Beaches - Blouberg, Milnerton sunset, Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandadno, beach volleyball, sunbathers.
Aquarium - displays, people & sharks, fishes.
Shipping - commercial fishing boat, tanker at sunset, docks from above, HMS Britannia at Cape Town.
Robben Island from Table Mountain and Signal Hill.
Informal settlement after fire with people rebuilding.
Taxi rank, Potsdam - minibus taxis.
Kirstenbosch - views, flowers, tourists amongst flowers.
Milnerton - view with flowers, golf club.
Wolraad Woltemade’s house.

Wineland area – Stellenbosch, Constantia, Huguenot memorial.

Cape Point - views, funicular, baboons, Sirkelsvlei, wreck of Thomas T. Tucker.

Boulders beach & African penguins - view with sunbathers & swimmers, penguins, between boulders. African Penguins - singles, groups, on nests, swimming, under water, tourist platforms with tourists watching penguins.

Elim - houses, church, school, slave monument, people, mill wheel turning, kids in curlers.

Struisbaai - fisherman’s cottage with flowers in foreground.

Cape Agulhas - southernmost tip of Africa cairn with Atlantic/Indian Ocean signs in English (recently changed from Afrikaans to English), lighthouse (distance, tower close-up).

Bredasdorp - shipwreck museum - exterior and displays.

Overberg - views and sunsets.

Whales - Southern Right - adults, young, breaching, mother on back with young at side, groups, Walker Bay, people at Hermanus/De Kelders watching whales.

Seals at Dyer Island, view with seals and cormorants flying overhead, from rubber duck, seal group.

Walker Bay coastline at sunset with fishermen in distance, cove, caves, couple walking on beach at De Kelders, lichen on rocks, Walker Bay Nature Reserve views, sea spray, dusk, whales, watching whales.

Fynbos - landscapes, flowers, plants, animals, Jonkershoek mountains with snow and fynbos, Overberg area, Cape Point, Proteas, Ericas, Restios, bulbs, Mimetes, mixed wild fynbos, pincushion landscapes, feather bush landscapes.

Strandveld - flowers, dunes, bulbs.

West Coast - flowers, seascapes, insects.

Lime kiln near Ysterfontein.

Langebaan Lagoon – views, walkway, with snowy peak in distance, Club Mykonos.

Piketberg area landscapes in winter - rapeseed crop in flower, snow, sheep, windpump in wheat field.

Koffiefontein diamond mine.


Midmar Historical Village - displays, farming machinery, locomotives, vehicles.

Drakensberg - traditional homes, snow, landscapes, hiking path.

Zulu homesteads - with mountain backdrop, farming, soil erosion, maize.

Rock Art - Cedarberg (Bushman’s Kloof, Sevilla Trail, Salmanslaagte, Traveller’s Rest), Drakensberg (Katberg cave).

Namaqualand - views, tourist cars among flowers, flower and plant close-ups, flower landscapes, Nababeep mine, Nababeep museum, rusting cars in flowers, Skilpad Flower Reserve, Goegap Nature Reserve, Nieuwoudtville Falls, man on bike on gravel road.

Howick Falls.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia.

Aviation - classic aircraft, SAAF, Turbodak, Shackleton, Harvard, Astra, Boeing 707 Tanker and cheetahs, British classic jets, commercial airliners and helicopters, people at air show looking up, fire-fighting helicopters in action, sea rescue using Oryx helicopter, short articles on Oryx and Turbodak, Shackleton article, microlites, aerobatic displays.

Clothing industry – factory interiors, employees at work, close-ups of hands working, production line, empty machine with occupied in background denoting absenteeism.

Paramotoring - beach and Table mountain backgrounds, over beach, dusk with Table Mountain backdrop, single, double.


Kite-surfing - groups, Table Mountain backdrop, close-ups.

Sport-kite flying on beach.

Windsurfing - singles, pairs, windsurfers on beach.

Motoring - classic and vintage cars, car club meetings.

Environmental problems - burning invasive alien vegetation, fire, clearing alien plants, mechanized clearing of water channel of water hyacinth, fire-fighting using helicopters, whale tail with tanker in background, air pollution from oil refinery, clearing oil spills.

Landscapes and Seascapes - coast, mountains.

Flowers, trees and plants – fynbos (Proteas, ground protea, Ericas, Restios, bulbs, orchid, close-ups, en-masse colours, landscapes), strandveld, West Coast, orchids, Milkwood forest and wind-sculpting on coast, forest in Cape ravine, Kokerboom, Namaqualand (landscapes, flowers, flower close-ups, groups), Kirstenbosch (displays, tourists).

Insects - hummingbird hawk moths feeding in flight, Neurosymploca moth feeding, hawk moth, Achaea moth, bees pollinating (protea, luecodendron & erica), wasp pollinating restio, grasshopper feeding in botterblom, red foam locust, bush cricket on pelargonium, damselfly; praying mantis, beetles, caterpillars (single, en-masse), butterflies; ants, winged queen ant, Chafer beetles (black & yellow scarab) en-masse feeding on Cape Ash tree.

Spiders - bark spiders, crab spiders (on flowers & feeding on bee), rain spider (on nest, aggressive display protecting nest, close-up of fangs), orb-web spider in web, wolf spider carrying babies on back, brown widow, baboon spider.


Frogs - Arum Lily Frog (portrait, full-length, poses, calling), Cape sand frog (portrait, calling, in sand, full length, pair mating), Cape Rana, Painted reed frog (portrait, full length, found at Danger Point – unusual distribution), Leopard toad.

Reptiles – Cape dwarf chameleon (portraits, sleeping, shedding skin) Cape crag lizard, Ocellated gecko (portrait, pair in sand showing camouflage), Puff Adder (singles, pair in breeding colours, portraits, eye, full length, striking position), Boomslang (young, adult, portraits), Rhombic skaapsteker portrait, Common egg-eater (portrait with tongue out, full length), Mole snake (portrait, full length, tongue out), Herald snake eating frog, Angulate tortoise, Leopard tortoise, Cape terrapin.

Birds – Sunbirds (lesser double-collared, malachite, orange-breasted), Cape Sugarbird (on pincushion, feeding showing pollen on head from pincushion), Cape robin, Southern boubou on milkwood; Ostrich (adult portrait, young at nest, eggs), Pelican portrait, Sacred ibis, Bald ibis (wing display, portrait), Water dikkop, Flamingoes on Rietvlei, Cape francolin (single, mother with chicks), Quail, Helmeted guineafowl (portrait, full), Cape batis on nest, Cape weaver (building nest, chicks in nest), Crowned plover, African penguins (singles, pairs, small & large groups, on nests, chicks, swimming, underwater, tourists watching), Grey heron amongst spring flowers, Rock kestrel pair with one in flight, Cormorants in flight over sea spray, Black oystercatchers, White-faced duck family on water.

Mammals - Whales (Southern right, singles, groups, breaching, mother & young, tails, nose, flippers, De Kelders, Hermanus, people watching), Zebras (pair resting heads on each-others necks, two foals), Baboons (portraits, mother & young on teat, full length, on cars at Cape Point), Steenbok, Impala ram, Suni antelope portrait, Meerkat, Striped mongoose group, Ground squirrel, Common shrew, Cape dune molerat head out of burrow, Striped mouse.

Fishes – Cape kurper, Yellow moray eel, Cape Town aquarium displays.